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Committee and

Board Assignments

Commissioner Larsen Jay has been selected as the Chair of the Knox County Commission for the 2020-21 session. As the Chairman, membership is automatically included on the Development Corporation Board, Investment Committee, Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), Tennessee County Commissioners Association (TCCA). Additionally, Commissioner Jay is approved for membership on the following Knox County Commission committees and boards:


(Member) The Finance Committee meets quarterly and includes all members of the Knox County Commission. The duties of the finance committee are set forth in state law, the Knox County Charter and Code, Resolutions of the Knox County Commission and other duties as may be assigned by the Knox County Commission.


(Member) The Rules Committee meets annually (or more often if needed) and reviews the rules of the Commission and report its recommendations to the Commission by the regular November Commission meeting.


(Member) The Insolvency Board consists of four members of the Knox Co. Commission and meet to discuss surplus and delinquent property sales.


(Vice Chair) The Retirement & Pension Board meets monthly and is comprised of the Knox County Mayor, Knox County Commissioners, two employees elected of Knox County Government Active Employees and Active Certified Teachers from Plan A, and two employees elected from Non-Certified Schools Active Employees.

(Chair) The Disability Committee reviews policies and applications for disability status of Knox County employees.

(Member) The Investment Committee reviews the investment strategy and funds of the Pension & Retirement system.


(Member) The purpose of the Audit Committee is to work with the Internal Audit Department to provide an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value, improve operations within Knox County, and help Knox County achieve county-wide goals and objectives.


(Member) The Cable TV Committee meets at the discretion of the Chairman and is comprised of all members of the Knox County Commission. The Cable TV Committee is an advisory group that makes recommendations to Knox County Commission on cable issues. The committee monitors compliance with the franchise agreements among the cable companies operating within the unincorporated areas of Knox County. The committee also monitors customer service issues, and may investigate and conduct hearings on cable television matters.


(Member) The Beer Board meets monthly and is comprised of all members of the Knox County Commission. The Beer Board's responsibility is to oversee all beer permits including empowerment to grant, deny, suspend, or revoke beer permits, issue temporary or special events permits, and to impose civil penalties within the unincorporated areas of the county, subject only to state law, the County Charter, county ordinance, and review by a court of competent jurisdiction.


(Vice Chair - Appointed by Mayor Jacobs) The Knox Co. Parks & Recreation board of directors is the advisory team to help guide the staff and partners on development, management and concept planning for county's park assets.


(Member) UT Extension serves the citizens of Knox County with educational programs in the areas of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences, Community Resource Development, and 4-H Youth Development. This committee works with the outreach branch of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, providing research-based solutions and information to the citizens of Tennessee.